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The Immortal Thirteen

The Immortal Thirteen are a shadowy organization created when the high council of the Molochar Empire traded their souls and pledged their eternal service to Nether and Asmodeus. Although the Red King is not counted among their number he was also included in the pact with Asmodeus and was subject to the same curse and immortality as his brethren in the Immortal Thirteen.

The Immortal Thirteen are said to be bound to destroy the Seven Chains which hold Thardizun for Azmodeus - who is unable to destroy the chains by cosmic law. Ironically - in taking on the pact the Thirteen are now unable to destroy the Seven Chains directly themselves anymore. A concequence that Asmodeus foresaw and was unconcerned about since the Immortal Thirteen controled the vast resources and military might of The Molochar Empire.

The curse also included the transformation of the Immortal Thirteen into tieflings, although during the fall of the Molochar Capitol - Carrington, all of the citizens were turned into tieflings, the Immortal Thirteen were transformed at the moment the pact with Asmodeus was signed (which occurred several decades before the end of the Molochar Empire). Scholars make a distinction between those transformed during the capitol’s fall and the Immortal Thirteen, the latter being called True Teiflings or Greater Teiflings and are able to transform or disguise their fiendish appearance at will.

Though the Molochar Empire was inclusive of most races and peoples due to their world-spanning influence, the leadership of the Immortal Thirteen was mostly human before the transformation.

Due to recent events involving the Spiral Tower, The Doctor, and the Anti-God Rinndo Caiine, many of the Immortal Thirteen found themselves in harm’s way where they ultimately met their end.

Known Members of the Immortal Thirteen: