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The United Republic of Zheng Fa

The United Republic of Zheng Fa (URZF), was one of the most technologically and socially progressive countries of it’s time. Located on the continent of Rockfall on the world of Ixion, it withstood almost a hundred years of attempted Molochar incursion until it was finally toppled by a concentrated Molochar offensive involving airships similar to and including The Ballad.

Early Era

The URZF (known then simply as Zeng Fa) was founded by a group of Proto Elves who wanted to build a society that would honor the ideals of liberty and freedom. They created the first functioning democracy in Concordia and built a fairly successful trade empire on the world of Ixion. However, due to the limited population the URZF never expanded beyond a few cities on Rockfall. It was only later in the era that the advanced thinking and technology of the Proto Elves attracted more cities to join the URZF, as it offered an increased standard of living and protection from Gith raiders. This era ended after the immortal Proto Elves caught a mysterious race-specific plague that wiped them all out. It was during this era that the dying proto elves created the constitutional democratic republic which introduces presidents and term limits in order to allow for fair and stable ruler ship of the URZF.

Expansion Era

With the creation of Gate Technology the URZF was able to expand to many worlds in Concordia and is believed to be responsible for the introduction of the technology to the Dwarves of Borgina and the Elves of Verde. Although it’s political borders never expanded beyond the continent of Rockfall - it’s cultural influence could be felt across Concordia. It was at the end of this era that the human Trade Guilds on the planet Seigue became angry that their off-world exports were always out-bid and out competed by the more organized URZF. These Trade Lords eventually came together (ending the Guild Wars) and formed the Trade Alliance, run by a council of Thirteen trade princes/princesses. In their greed to control the wealth of Concordia they made a pact with Asmodeus and morphed into the Molochar Empire.

War Era

The inevitable conflict over trade rights came to a head and the long drawn out war with the Trad Alliance of Seigue and eventually the Molocar Empire took its toll on the much smaller URZF. Although the URZF held out for almost a hundred years, The Molochar Empire eventually became too vast and started employing superior technology to combat the URZF’s own formidable forces. The URZF was dismantled and brought under control of the Molochar Empire shortly after the battle of Zenzanark, where the then President Micheal Wilson made a valiant last stand with the remaining mech army of the URZF. The cost of the Molochar victory against the URZF was very high however and although the Molochar empire won, the resources they committed to winning the war ultimately weakened them at home allowing the then fledgling Orcish State and the secession of the Noiish Trade union to un