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Zoren Kroft

Zoren Kroft is a True Tiefling, one of the children of the Immortal Thirteen. He was raised in a small town in the disputed territories of the Valerian Empire in Garo’Dar by adoptive parents.

He was one of the people involved in the “Junction Incident” and is believed to be connected to the destruction of the Spiral Tower and Byraxsis’ death. He later became a fugitive from the Valerian Empire and worked to stop the anti-god Rinndo Caiine from destroying all of Concordia.

Zoren Kroft is actually the son of the Red King, leader of the Immortal Thirteen, and rightful heir to Rosenthrone and the Molochar Empire. Although he wields his father’s weapon Rosenthorne, he has no interest in rule or reuniting the Molochar Empire. He does, however, wish to destroy Thardizun like the Red King before him.

His last known appearance was working alongside the newly reformed United Republic of Zeng Fa with President Micheal Wilson to fight the Red Queen.