The party debates searching through the trader’s gear but decide against it. Ashanderai has the idea to take down the rusty door and use it to carry all the extra gear and loot. They strap it down and struggle to hoist it up the stairs.

Togo and Shadowice get assaulted by a curious giant fly but manage to scare it away, Togo getting slimed in the process.

They carry the heavily laden door through the secret doors without mishap but just as they’re climbing the final steps out they’re surprised by a territorial pack of giant shrews!

A battle ensues where the party first tries to lift the 700 lb stretcher to block the hallway, then use the stretcher to try and ram the shrews. The entire fracas slips and cascades down the other side of the stairs, the shrews take damage but they all survive.

At the bottom of the steps the battle forms into lines and clash.

Pinkober and Ashanderai are killed!

In a fit of rage the party drives off the remaining shrews. Half-hearted they climb the stairs and find the remaining traders have been captured by orcs! The party attempts to sneak out into the brush but are apprehended by Shaglash the Orc Captain and his guards!

The orcs shake down the party for their treasure. In anger, Shadowice smashes in the fat and worthless Parget’s head.

Shaglash thinks this strife is hilarious so leaves the party their equipment and tells them to visit his camp any time and sends them on their way.

Most of the party hitches a ride with a turnip farmer on his way to Morgansfort but Shadowice chooses to walk on his own with the mule.

Back in town the party mourns the loss of their friends and recouperate. A group of peasant-knights show up looking for help rescuing a family member from the orcs. Togo raises a rabble who try to throw some knights off their horses. Dawn saves him from prison.

Togo and the rabble go to visit Mobar the Peasant-knight and hear his story. They come up with a plan to raid the orcs but they need MONEY!