Return of the Rats

Party meets back up on the surface with their friends Dawn and Pinkober. Before returning to the rat den they ask the traders for oil to deal with the rats. Zomar the alchemist provides them with a concoction of napalm.

Returning subterrene they exterminate the rodents with judicious use of flaming oil and combat lines, including bows and spears. They are surprised by a rodent king rolling into them. They win and leave the embers to burn themselves out.

Continuing they find the orc tracks they seek leading through a series of secret doors and down a flight of stairs.

Descending the stairs the party is ambushed by Blackhand orcs. After a grueling battle our heroes emerge victorious. They search the room and find the missing mules were butchered by the orcs, but the trader’s gear is held safely behind a rusted door.