Characters & Advancement

Starting Hit Points

At first level, a player character should roll hp for their class and for a non-levelled member of their race (i.e. 1d8 for dwarfs and 1d6 for other character races), using the higher roll.


After surviving their first game session and again upon attaining every character level that is a multiple of three, a character may choose a bonus outside their normal class progression. Available bonuses may be chosen more than once.

+1 Mêlée dmg Missile wpn +1 to Hit +1 Skill pt
Clerics× × ×
Specialists× × ×
Fighters× × ×
Magic-Users× ×
Non-Humans× × × ×

Alternatively, chaotic non-Magic-Users with above-average intelligence or lawful non-Clerics with high wisdoms may learn to cast spells, up to a number equal to their attribute bonus. Lawful characters may prepare each day as many spells as they can cast.

M-U Spell Cleric Spell
Chaotics1/int bonus
Lawfuls1/wis bonus